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White Cloud Mountain Minnow 白云山鱼 1"

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White Cloud Mountain Minnows are small, colorful fish, once termed the working man's Neon because they compared to Neon Tetras in color but were not as expensive. For over a half century the White Cloud Mountain Minnow was the only species in the newly defined genus.

白云山是一种小而多彩的鱼,曾经被称为工作人员的霓虹灯,因为它们与Neon Tetras的颜色相比,但并不昂贵。 半个多世纪以来,白云山鲤鱼是新定义的属中唯一的物种。


Scientific NameTanichthys micagemmae
SynonymAphyocypris pooni
Common NamesCanton Danio, Chinese Danio, White Cloud, White Cloud Mountain Fish, White Cloud Mountain Minnow
OriginWhite Cloud Mountains of China
Adult Size1 1/2 inches
SocialPeaceful and sociable
Lifespan3–5 years
Tank LevelTop to middle
Minimum Tank Size10 gallons
BreedingEgg scatterers; easy to breed
CareEasy; good fish for beginners
Hardness5–19 dGH


60 F (15 1/2 C)

*Note 备注: Due to maturity and growing up period, colors of products may appear different to those shown on the site. 由于成熟和成长期, 产品的颜色可能与网站上显示的颜色不同.

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