We have been exporting to many major cities in the world since year 2001. Our popular products can be grouped as few catergories as below:

A) Fresh Water Ornamental Fish

Discus has always been our most popular export live fish Sizes are from 2" to 5". Our Discus price list is upon request.
We have bubble head, SRD, Kamfamalau, etc. Asian Arowanas, we can export the CITES Asian Arowana Other Arowana including Pearl (Jardinis) and Silver are not require CITES permit.
Angelfish including Platinum, Marble, Koi, Black, Albino, Blue, Green, etc. Cichlids including Parrot fish, Malawi, etc Livebearer fishes - Swordtails, Mollies, Guppies
We have varieties of guppies, from low costs (Neon, Dragon head, Golden head, etc) to special pairing (Snakeskin, Metal grass, Sky blue, etc) quality. These bettas are always available, Halfmoon, Crowntail, Doubletail halfmoon, Longtail, shorttail, Prakat. Depends on the availabity, sometimes we have some odd fishes such as bichirs, snakehead, blackies, etc


B) Salt water Jellyfish

Beside the ornamental fishes, we are also export salt water Jellyfish. The species including Sea Nettle, River Jelly, and Australian Spotted. Our export markets include USA, Europe, and Asia. For further infomation, please send your inquiry.

Sea Nettle Sea Nettle has different colors, looks delicate but very poisonous Sea of Jelly, quarantine before shipout
Red Spotted Jelly River Jelly  

C) Dry Products

On the dry products, we export Malaysian Mangrove Root and Liana Root. This product is for aquarium decoration, landscape, and gardening. It is loaded in 20 or 40 footer container and is shipped by sea. The sizes are S, M, L, XL, XXL. Below are few sample pic.



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