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Tetra Arowana Vital 500ml 龙鱼活力配方

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Arowana Vital provides concentrated source of iodine and natural B-vitamin (B2,B6, B12 and other). 

  • For simulation of vitality, appetite, breeding and splendid colouring of Arowanas 
  • For faster growth and improved resistance 
  • The absence of iodine in aquarium water can result in thyroid problems 

Arowana Vital promotes the presence of micro-organisms in the biological filtration system.  


  • 可以增强龙鱼的活力,食欲,繁殖力和艳丽体色
  • 可以加快龙鱼生长速度,提高抵抗力
  • 龙鱼如果缺碘,会引起甲状腺疾病

Arowana Vital可以促进生物过滤系统中微生物的生存

Instruction for use : 

Add 5 ml per 10 litres of aquarium water every 4 weeks. Keep out of each of children.


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