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XY-1862 Super Filter Sponge Mat 超极过滤绵

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Size: 100 x 50 x 3 (cm)

The application and action of the filter sponge :

1) This product can be used for sea water tank, fresh water tank and waterweeds tank with the sizes being cut as you wish 

2) According to the analysis of the experts, products with this density and flexibility are the most suitable breeding grounds for cultivating the fine nitro bacteria.

3) The filter sponge cotton has the best effect on decomposing the excrement and the food-residue, improving the filtering and cleaning of water, it can reduce the death rate of fish.

4) Being cleaned with water once per month, without blocking and deforming, it can be used reused for 16 times.

作用与用途 :

1) 本产品适用于海水缸,淡水缸,水草缸,大小可自由裁剪。

2) 密孔间隙及柔软度,是经由专家分析适合培养优良硝化菌之温床。

3) 过滤棉对分解排泄物及饲料残渣,改善水质过滤清洁,效果佳,降低鱼类死亡率。

4) 每月清水洗涤一次,不阻塞,不变形,清洗后可重复使用,可连续使用。

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