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Snake Head Toman 小盾鳢 4"

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SnakeHead Toman 小盾鳢
Species name:  Channa Micropeltes

Water Conditions :
Temperature: 22°C ~ 28°C  
pH:  6.0 ~ 7.5
Hardness: 36 ~ 215ppm 

Extra :
The giant snakehead, normally called red or redline snakeheads, are a popular fish to be sold in the pet trade. They are commonly sold as juveniles as pets. Some are even sold as feeders to be fed to larger carnivorous fish. They are voracious predators that will chase and eat anything that fits in their mouths. Due to this, they are called "freshwater great whites". However, they can successfully be housed with silver arowanas, clown knife fishes, oscars, and other fish from same size group.