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Redtail Catfish 红尾猫 2.5"

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Species name: Phractocephalus hemiliopterus


Common name:  Red tailed catfish, Amazonian redtailed catfish.

Family:  Pimelodidae

Order:  Siluriformes

Class:  Actinopterygii

Maximum size:  134 cm / 52 inches

Environment:  freshwater

Origin:  Parts of the amazon including deeper waters through to the flooded forest in the rainy season.

Temperament:  Peaceful

Company:  Phractocephalus hemiliopterus ( Red tailed catfish) can be kept in aquariums with other large species.

Water parameters:  Temperature 20-26°C / 68-78°F; pH 6.0-7.0

Aquarium setup:  Phractocephalus hemiliopterus ( Red tailed catfish) requires a very large aquarium due to their size. Adult fishes are best kept in ponds. Decorate your aquarium with hiding places among roots and rocks. Red tailed catfish requires a well circulated aquarium and weekly water changes are necessary and it might even be recommendable to change the water two times a week. They will swallow everything that fits in their mouth so make sure that the decoration doesn’t contain anything they can eat. Also make sure not to leave anything after cleaning the aquarium. Will due to their size often unwillingly destroy any plants.

Feeding: Red tailed catfish prefers live and frozen food that suitable for their size.

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