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Red White Swordtail Albino 红白剑尾鱼 (Red Eyes/红眼)

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Red White Swordtail Albino 红白剑尾鱼 (Red Eyes/红眼) Ratings: 0 - 0 votes
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Common Name:Swordtail
Proper Name:Xiphophorus helleri
Temperature:20 - 28 C
Max Size:8 cm

The Kohaku Swordtail is a member of the group of fish commonly known as Swordtails, which are some of the most widely kept and popular of the tropical community fish species available within the hobby. Swordtails are a species of live-bearing fish that flourish in the rivers and streams of Central America. Known for their prolific breeding ability, Swordtails have been captivity bred at tropical fish farms for many years.  

红白剑鱼是通常被称为剑尾鱼(Swordtails)的鱼群中的一员,它们是业内最广泛保存和流行的热带社区鱼类。 剑尾鱼是一种生活在中美洲河流和溪流中的活鱼。 Swordtails 以其丰富的繁殖能力而闻名,多年来一直在热带养鱼场饲养。


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