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Red Wagtail Platy

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If you are new to the aquarium hobby, Platy fish are the fish for you. They are peaceful, easy-to-care for, and ideal for community aquariums.
These mesmerizing fish have a bright coloration. There are many breeds and hybrids within this species which come in as many colors as the rainbow.
They have always been very popular in the aquarium hobby since their first introduction in 1907.

如果您是水族馆爱好的新手,小紅豆鱼是适合您的鱼。 它们安静,易于护理,是社区水族馆的理想选择。
这些令人着迷的鱼有明亮的色彩。 这个物种中有许多品种和杂交种,其颜色与彩虹一样多。

Care Level:Beginner
Color Form:High color variability
Lifespan:3-5 years
Size:3 inches
Minimum Tank Size:10 gallon
Tank Set-Up:Freshwater, dense vegetation
Compatibility:Other small size peaceful fish