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Ramshorn Snail / Apple Snail 苹果螺

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  • Red Ramshorn Snails (also known as Apple Snails) feature a gorgeous red or pink shell color and add beauty to any freshwater aquarium rig. They are great for a planted aquarium.
  • Ramshorn Snails are totally safe with aquarium plants and clean algae off glass or plastic aquarium walls, aquarium trim, plants, fish tank decorations, and fish tank substrate.
  • They are completely peaceful and safe to keep with all nonaggressive freshwater aquarium fish (such as Dwarf Plecos), other aquatic snails, and other aquarium animals.
  • WARNING: Ramshorn Snails are often considered pest snails because they reproduce at an extremely fast rate and can quickly overpopulate an aquarium. Assassin Snails can take care of this problem.
  • 红色扁卷螺(也称为苹果螺)具有华丽的红色或粉红色外壳颜色,为任何淡水水族箱装置增添美感。 它们非常适合种植水族馆.
  • 苹果螺是完全安全的水族馆植物和玻璃或塑料水族馆墙壁,水族馆装饰,植物,鱼缸装饰和鱼缸基板清洁藻类。
  • 它们完全安静,可以安全地与所有非侵略性的淡水观赏鱼(如矮人Plecos),其他水生蜗牛和其他水族动物保持一致。(中文: 英语翻译成中文)
  • 苹果螺是除了活的他什么都。 像饲料、水草、青苔、绿藻、褐藻、丝藻、死鱼、死虾这些都,甚至米饭粒、馒头渣也,且死物是它的最爱了。 在刚开始水草造景时,能不用苹果螺就不要用了。 在草缸中的话,苹果螺还主要是藻类,如果没有藻类了,他就会开始草,大量的啊,还见有人说过只要养苹果螺,种箦藻爆缸都不用发愁。