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Qiuyu Nitrobacter Pro+ Concentrated Nitrobacteria/nitrifying 硝化菌 em菌 光合菌

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Qiuyu Nitrobacter Pro+ Concentrated Nitrobacteria/nitrifying 硝化菌 em菌 光合菌 Ratings: 0 - 0 votes
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Sebotol 40 biji
Qiuyu Nitrobacter Pro + Diformula dengan pelbagai jenis bacteria baik yang memberi banyak manfaat kepada akuarium.
✔Enzyme Heterotrophic,
✔Lactic Acid Bacteria,
✔Nitrifying bacteria,
✔Denitrifying Bacteria,

-Tiada lagi bau ‘special’ dari air nitrifier
-48 jam boleh tgk result
-72 jam air menjadi lebih crystal clear
-7 hari utk bina ecological securiti system dlm tank
-Mengurai organik sisa dlm tank lebih cepat
-Sangat mengurangkan kadar tukar air


Brand : Qiuyu
Product : Nitrobacter
Capsule : 40±
Aquarium type : Freshwater only

The  Concentrated Nitrobacteria Formula :
* Better improve effectiveness.
* Sickness prevention
* Purify water quality, crystal clear water effect
* Remove stinky water odour ( Fishy Smell / Bau Akuarium )
* Enhance the fish immune system
* Fast active Biodegradable  &  remove ammonia, nitrite and other harmful substances
* Effectively breakdown organic waste in aquarium
* Reduce new tank syndrome & water change frequency
* Suitable all kind of aquarium filter media : PA Media , K1 Media, Bio Ring , Bacteria House , Undergravel , Canister , etc
*  Best for Cherry Shrimp ,  Crystal shrimp, Arowana , Flowerhorn , Guppy , Angelfish, Goldfish, Sulawesi Shrimp , Crayfish, Stingray , etc

Version 40capsules / bottle
- Quantities may has 5% Gaps , average 40 capsule -

 Strong Nitrobacteria colony will consume large amount of oxygen, after apply recommend power up air pump to boost more oxygen. Please refer the profile photo about more factor that impacting nitrobacteria.
* Don't use together with sterilization product

Usage :
* First times use / New open tank, 1 capsule for each 80L .
* Maintain good ecological system, 1 capsule for each 100L.

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