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PERIHA PE-16000 Amphibious Pump

RM 565.00


Brand 商品                            : PERIHA

Model 型号                            : PE-16000

Qmax Output 最大流量输出 : 16000 L/H

Power Input 输入功率           : 90W

Hmax Head 最大扬程           : 5.5M

Frequency 频率                     : 50Hz/60Hz

Voltage 电压                          : AC 220-240V

 *  It uses advance intelligent AC energy-saving technology, 70% high-efficient energy savingsuper silent, long service life.

 * Water shortage protection, Overload protection, Automatic fault detection, Automatic start, no need to replug the power plug.

 * The use of high strength wear resistant and corrosion resistant ceramic shaft ceramic set, long service life. It can use in Sea Water and Fresh Water.

 Three adjustable function, users can adjust the output according to their needs.

 * It has memory function, every time restart the power will have the same parameters as before.

  • Energy Saving 节能
  • High Efficiency 高效率
  • Super Muting 超级静音
  • Safety 安全