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Ocean Free ‘0’ Algae 125ml 藻类去除剂

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Add 1 ml of Zero Algae to 20 L of water every 2 days. Repeat 5 times (10 days treatment cycle). No water change required. Ensure that all activated carbon and zeolite are removed from the filter before application

Note: This solution is powerful, therefore, if there are life fish inside, always use 1/2 dosage of the prescribed instruction.

Ocean Free '0' Algae 125ml is the exciting new solution to your aquarium's algae problem. It functions by damaging the essential enzymes needed by algae for survival, thus killing them off eventually.

Ocean Free'0' 藻类 125ml 是解决您的水族馆藻类问题的令人兴奋的新解决方案。 它的功能是破坏藻类生存所需的必需酶,最终杀死它们。

Key Features:

  1. Effective 有效
  2. Colorless 无色
  3. Easy to use 简单
  4. Fast result 省时
  5. Safe for livestock 安全 省时
  6. No water change is needed 免换水

*125ml treats 2500 Litres
*For freshwater use

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