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API Melafix 118ml, 237ml, 473ml

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  • rapidly repairs damaged fins, ulcers & open wounds 
  • 迅速修复受损的鳍,溃疡和开放性伤口
  • extracted from tea trees 
  • 从茶树中提取
  • promote regrowth of damaged tissues and fins
  • 促进受损组织和鳍的再生
  • treating newly introduced fish to reduce risk of disease outbreak
  • 治疗新引进的鱼类以减少疾病爆发的风险

Melafix is an all-natural antibacterial treatment that works to treat infections in fish. Common bacterial infections are open wounds and abrasions, tail rot, eye cloud, and mouth fungus. API Melafix also promotes regrowth of damaged fins and tissue. Product may be used when adding fish to an aquarium – particularly to smooth the transition from store to home – and if an infection is suspected, but not yet diagnosed. Some fish bought in pet stores are already carrying diseases at the time of purchase, which may be difficult to detect in its early stages.

API Melafix will not adversely affect the biological filter, alter the pH, or discolor water. It is safe for use in freshwater, saltwater, and reef aquariums, and in aquariums with live plants. Dose for the recommended amount of time as directed on label, and in accordance with the size of your aquarium. 

Melafix是一种全天然抗菌治疗药物,用于治疗鱼类感染。 常见的细菌感染是开放性伤口和擦伤,尾部腐烂,眼云和口腔真菌。 API Melafix还可以促进受损鳍和组织的再生。 在向鱼缸中添加鱼时可以使用产品 - 特别是为了平稳从商店到家的过渡 - 如果怀疑感染,但尚未确诊。 在宠物商店购买的一些鱼在购买时已经携带疾病,这可能在其早期阶段难以发现。

API Melafix不会对生物过滤器产生不利影响,改变pH值或使水变色。 它可安全用于淡水,咸水和珊瑚礁水族箱,以及带有活植物的水族箱。 根据标签上的指示,根据您的水族箱的大小,按照建议的时间进行剂量。


What does MELAFIX do?

MELAFIX is a treatment for external bacterial infections in fish, such as fin rot or open wounds. 

Is MELAFIX safe with invertebrates such as snails and shrimps? Will it harm the biological filter? Will it harm plants?

Yes, MELAFIX is completely safe with invertebrates such as snails and shrimps.  It will not harm the biological filter – the bacteria in the biological filter are quite different from those that are found on the fish. It will not harm plants. 

Will MELAFIX work in both freshwater and marine (saltwater)?

Yes,  MELAFIX will work in both freshwater and marine (saltwater). However, we recommend turning off protein skimmers and UV sterilisers when using it. If you have carbon in your filter, this should be removed before using MELAFIX. 

I saw foaming in my aquarium when using MELAFIX. Is this normal? Is It harmful?

It is normal to see some foaming when using MELAFIX in the aquarium. This is not harmful. 

Can I use MELAFIX and PIMAFIX together?

Yes, using MELAFIX and PIMAFIX together is perfectly safe and is in fact recommended if treating stubborn infections.  When using both MELAFIX and PIMAFIX together, use each at the normal recommended dose – there is no need to reduce the dose if using both of them.

Can I use MELAFIX with any other API medications or products?

MELAFIX can be used with all other API medications and products.

* FAQ from google API

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