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MC-3000 Ultra Quiet Air Pump

RM 147.00

MC-3000 Ultra Quiet Air Pump

Brand                                     : PERIHA

Model                                    : MC-3000

Power                                    : 7.5W/8W

Pressure                                 : 0.022Mpa

Output                                   : 16L/Min

Noise                                     :  <45dB

Air Outlet                              :  1

Frequency                             : 50Hz/60Hz

Voltage                                  :  AC 220-240V

Product Features

  • Durability: As diaphragms are made of special synthetic rubber, it allows longer period of continuous operation and the rate is uniform and vibration minimal.
  • No Lubrication Necessary: There is no friction between moving parts and therefore no need for lubrication, An added advantage being that the air is always clean.
  • Small size but Powerful: MC-3000 air pump incorporate tow electromagnets, providing perfectly-balanced vibration and small size and powerful device.