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Himalaya Canisep Cream 30g (Buy 10 Free 1)

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Brand: Himalaya

Pet Canisep Cream 30g (for Cat, Dog, Small Animal)

Indications: Abrasions, cuts, lacerations, burns, scalds and surgical wounds

Pruritus, pyoderma, dermatitis, callosites, dry/moist eczema and ringworm

Maggot-infested wounds

Sinuses and fistulae

Each gram of Canisep cream contains:
Oils Atasi (Linum usitatissimum)
50 mg Eucalyptus globulus
30 mg Cinnamomum camphora
25 mg Ocimum sanctum
12 mg Acorus calamus
8 mg Shuddha

Clean the affected area after clipping the adjoining hair. Apply the cream liberally three times a day or as directed by the veterinarian. Concurrent administration of antibiotics may be required in severe cases or as directed by the veterinarian.

Advantages: Canisep Acts as antimicrobial agent
Inhibits the growth of micro-organisms.

Acts as a vulnerary agent: Hastens the process of wound healing.

Acts as a antifungal agent: Acts against common dermatophytes.

Acts as a antimaggot agent: Controls maggot infestation.

Precautions: For External