Electric Blue Cichlid 蓝阿里鱼 2"~2.5"

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Electric Blue Cichlid 蓝阿里鱼 2"~2.5" Ratings: 0 - 0 votes
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The electric blue hap is a species of cichlid fish endemic to Lake Malawi. It prefers to live in caves and crevices in rocky substrates. This species can reach a length of 20 centimetres TL. It can also be found in the aquarium trade.

Scientific name: Sciaenochromis ahli
Conservation status: Least Concern Encyclopedia of Life
Phylum: Chordata
Higher classification: Sciaenochromis
Order: Cichliformes
Rank: Species

In the aquarium

The electric blue hap is a popular aquarium fish due to its colouration. It should be kept in tanks of no less than 300 litres. An aggressive fish, only one male is recommended per tank; however if large numbers are kept in a spacious enough environment, it is possible to keep more than one. Cichlids with a similar colouration are often attacked, so tankmates must be selected carefully. Large numbers prevent a single fish from being the target of aggression. The females are a drab grey in comparison and slightly smaller. They prefer rocky exhibits with coral sand.


As with many other cichlids, the electric blue hap is a mouth-brooder. The recommended ratio of males to females is 1:4. The female broods for 2–3 weeks. When the fry are released, they are around 1 cm.

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