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Dwarf Yellow Puffer 巧克力娃娃/黄怪/迷你河豚 0.5cm

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Dwarf Yellow Puffer 巧克力娃娃/黄怪/迷你河豚 0.5cm Ratings: 0 - 0 votes
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Yellow Puffer fish (Carinotetraodon travancoricus) is the smallest fish of tetraodon family you may encounter on sale.
Yellow Puffer fish is very small and quite often it’s sold in its max size – about 2.5 cm long.
It’s one of few fishes which observe with interest what is happening behind the tank glass and starts to recognize its owner. Pea puffer is a very clever fish and its behavior often reminds other intelligent fishes – cichlids.
Once you enter the room, the fishes start swimming near the tank glass trying to attract your attention. Of course, they’d like to ask for some feed, but it’s always nice to see such a reaction from the fish.

迷你河豚(Carinotetraodon travancoricus)是您可能遇到的最小的四足动物鱼类。
迷你河豚非常小,经常以最大尺寸出售 - 长约2.5厘米。
它是为数不多的鱼类之一,它们兴致勃勃地观察到水箱玻璃后面发生了什么,并开始认识它的主人。 它是一种非常聪明的鱼,它的行为常常提醒其他智能鱼 - 慈鲷。
一旦你进入房间,鱼儿开始在水槽玻璃附近游泳,试图吸引你的注意力。 当然,他们想要一些饲料,但看到这种鱼的反应总是很好。



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