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Bumble Bee Goby 小蜜蜂 2cm

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Scientific name: Brachygobius Xanthozonus 

Bumble Bee Goby are also known as Brachygobius Xanthozonus, these are small aquarium species of bottom dwelling fish. The size of these fish can be 1 cm when you buy them and the size of an adult Bumblebee gobies can reach up to maximum 4 cm. As you can tell from their name, they are colored like a bee with black and yellow stripes. In order to differentiate female Bumblebee gobies from male you need to compare their color as male ones are brighter. Also, male gobies are more slender than the female gobies.

小蜜蜂也被称为Brachygobius xanthozona,这些是底栖鱼的小型水族馆物种。 当你购买它们时,这些鱼的大小可以是1厘米,成年大黄蜂的大小可以达到最大4厘米。 从你的名字可以看出,它们的颜色就像一只有黑色和黄色条纹的蜜蜂。 为了区分雌性大黄蜂与雄性,你需要比较它们的颜色,因为雄性更明亮。 此外,雄性虾虎鱼比雌性虾虎鱼更苗条。


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