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Blue Moorii/Blue Dolphin Cichlid 蓝茉莉/蓝海豚 1"

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Originates from Lake Malawi, Africa.

Size: The cyrtocara moori averages 8-10 inches in length. 

Water: pH: 7.5-8.5  

Temperature: 76-82 °F

Temperament: The Malawi Blue Dolphin cichlid is peaceful when compared to most cichlids. Although they are territorial especially during spawning, they pretty much swim throughout the tank searching for food. The cyrtocara moori can be kept with similar sized African cichlids and can hold it’s own in the tank. Do not keep with smaller peaceful fish. Although it is considered somewhat peaceful, it may still eat or pick on small peaceful fish.

气质:与大多数慈鲷相比,马拉维蓝海豚慈鲷是和平的。 虽然它们在产卵期间属于领土,但它们几乎在整个水池中游泳寻找食物。 cyrtocara moori可以与类似大小的非洲慈鲷一起保存,并且可以在坦克中保持它自己。 不要与较小的和平鱼保持一致。 虽然它被认为有些平和,但它仍然可以吃或吃小型和平鱼。(中文: 英语翻译成中文)

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