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Blue Cory 蓝鼠 3cm

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The blue corydoras or Natterer's catfish (Corydoras nattereri) is a tropical freshwater fish belonging to the Corydoradinae sub-family of the Callichthyidae family. It originates in coastal rivers in South America, and is found in the Brazil from Espírito Santo to Paraná. It is named for Johann Natterer, its discoverer.

The fish has clear fins with no pattern. The ventrals are light, opaque yellow. Highlights seen about the gill plates are green. The belly is yellowish. It has a pronounced dark stripe along the length of the body. General color of the body is light, tending towards yellow. It will grow in length up to 5.4 centimetres (2.1 inches).

It lives in a tropical climate in water with a 6.0 – 8.0 pH, a water hardness of 2 – 25 dGH, and a temperature range of 20–23 °C (68–73 °F). It feeds on worms, benthic crustaceans, insects, and plant matter. It lays eggs in dense vegetation and adults do not guard the eggs.
The blue corydoras is of commercial importance in the aquarium trade industry.

蓝色的corydoras或Natterer的鲶鱼(Corydoras nattereri)是一种热带淡水鱼,属于Callichthyidae科的Corydoradinae亚科。它起源于南美洲的沿海河流,在巴西从EspíritoSanto到巴拉那。它以发现者Johann Natterer的名字命名。

它生活在水中的热带气候中,pH值为6.0  -  8.0,水硬度为2  -  25 dGH,温度范围为20-23°C(68-73°F)。它以蠕虫,底栖甲壳类动物,昆虫和植物物质为食。它在茂密的植被中产卵,成年人不保护鸡蛋。


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