Black Widow Skirt Tetra 黑裙子鱼

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Scientific Name: Gymnocorymbus Ternetzi

The black tetra, also known as the black skirt tetra, petticoat tetra, high-fin black skirt tetra, black widow tetra and blackamoor, is a freshwater fish of the characin family.

This active, fast-moving species is a great choice for aquarium beginners. Hardy and easy to care for, the Black Widow Tetra (or Black Skirt if you prefer a less scary name) is a schooling fish that comes in several varieties and colors. Buy at least six or seven to create a healthy, happy school of fish, and avoid housing them in the same tank as smaller fish (particularly those with long, flowing fins) as Black Widows do occasionally nip.

While the wild Black Widow Tetra is dark in color, you might also want to consider one of the more interesting colored varieties that have been bred in captivity.

这种活跃,快速移动的物种是水族馆初学者的绝佳选择。 黑裙子Tetra是一种有多种颜色和颜色的教育鱼,耐寒且易于护理。 购买至少六七个鱼,以创造一个健康,快乐的鱼群,并避免将它们放在与小鱼(特别是那些长而流动的鱼鳍)相同的鱼缸中,因为黑裙子偶尔会咬一口。


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