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Black Filter Brush 黑色毛过滤刷 18"

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•  Length: 46cm ,  Ø 12cm
•  Mechanical removal coarse particles
•  Settlement surface for useful bacteria

• Black filter brushes are ideal for the removal of finest floating particles.
• The meshing of brush elements creates a very fine mesh which retains effectivly uneaten food, fish waste and other suspended solids.
• The bristle mesh offers plenty of space for beneficial bacteria for settlement and makes that algae sludge is effectively decomposed .
• We recommend to insert the filter brushes into the first filter chamber which prevents coarse contaminants from entering the following filter stages. Moreover, the cleaning effort is reduced effectively.
• Black filter brushes are non-toxic, wear-free, easy to clean.
• The filter brushes consist of polypropylene fibers in which stainless steel wire with hooks is incorporated.

• 长度:46厘米, Ø直径12厘米
• 机械去除粗颗粒
• 有用细菌的沉降表面

• 黑色过滤刷是去除最细微浮动颗粒的理想选择。
• 刷子元素的啮合形成了一个非常精细的网状物,可以保留有效的食物,鱼类废物和其他悬浮固体。
• 刷毛网为有益细菌的沉降提供了充足的空间,使藻类污泥得到有效分解。
• 我们建议将滤刷插入第一个过滤室,以防止粗污染物进入下面的过滤阶段。 而且,有效地减少了清洁工作。
• 黑色过滤刷无毒,无磨损,易于清洁。
• 过滤刷由聚丙烯纤维组成,其中包含带钩的不锈钢丝。

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