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Sulfer Head Peacock Cichlid 金头孔雀 2"

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The sulfurhead aulonocara (Aulonocara maylandi) or sulfurhead peacock is a species of haplochromine cichlid which is endemic to Lake Malawi, it is endemic to Malawi and has only been observed on West Reef (Luwala Reef) and Eccles Reef (Chimwalani Reef). It is threatened by collection for the aquarium trade and this has caused a 70% reduction in numbers. This mouthbrooding species, the eggs are cared for by the females only, is found over mixed sand and rocky area where the hunt small invertebrates in the sand. It closely resembles the blue orchid aulonocara (Aulonocara kandeense) although develops a yellow blaze across its dorsal fin, and in the past these two taxa have been considered to be subspecies.

硫磺头蛇(Aulonocara maylandi)或金头孔雀是一种单倍色素慈鲷,是马拉维湖特有的一种,它是马拉维特有的,仅在西礁(Luwala Reef)和 Eccles Reef(Chimwalani Reef)观察到。 它受到水族贸易收集的威胁,这导致数量减少了70%。 这种口腔繁殖的物种,仅由雌性动物进行照料,在混合的沙子和岩石区域被发现,在那里捕杀沙子中的小型无脊椎动物。 它非常类似于蓝色兰花 aulonocara(Aulonocara kandeense)虽然在其背鳍上形成黄色火焰,但在过去这两个分类群被认为是亚种。 

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