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Welcome to Penang Sea Garden Aquatic homepage. We are an aquarium fish and pets store, located at Jawi, Penang Malaysia. Our main business can be listed as below:


Export tropical fishes

  • Discus, flower horn, arowana, guppies, angelfish, parrot fish, gourami, betta, cichlids, etc

Wholesale on aquarium accessories, and equipments

  • Our trucks are sending all sorts of filtration medium and equipments, lighting, pumps, aquarium tanks, etc. to your neighborhood pet stores.

One stop for aquarium and pets retail store

  • You may also find other interesting pets and equipments here in our shop. Beside the aquarium fishes, we have other pets in the house such as birds, puppies, cats, rabbits, sugar gliders, and some exotic pets.
  • We certainly provide the various types of cages, fishing equipments, fish and pet foods, etc.

On-line store

  • With product varieties, our on-line store is expanding to cover as many products, as possible, whether it is live animal, equipments, or pet foods, we are committed to provide our best services, and to deliver your order right to your door step.

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