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Water Pond Pump 水池泵 LIFETECH SP612

RM 360.00 RM 400.00

Brand: LifeTech
Model: SP612
Max Flow: 12000 L/H
Max Delivery Height: 7.5m
Power Consumption: 220W

This modern, high efficiency pump is equipped with single phase alternating current motor (split tube motor with capacitor). It is totally waterproof, embedded in solid plastic resin (IP68) and provided with an overload protection.

Area of application

Garden ponds, fish ponds, outdoor and patio fountains

  • Energy saving split tube motor.
  • All the electrical parts are embedded in a block of plastic resin.
  • Wear-resistant ceramic bearings for continuous and trouble-free use.
  • Large prefilter, easy to disassemble.
  • Reduced frequency of pump cleaning due to optimum water flow.
  • Ideal for use in garden pond and large aquarium.
  • Simple maintenance with removable rotor assembly.
  • Overload protection by means of a thermal overload trip.