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Vieja Regani 绿翡翠 2"

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Vieja Regani 绿翡翠

Vieja Regani is pale grey coloration and a few irregularly shaped black spots on its sides. As the fish mature, they may develop iridescence that can vary in hue from fish to fish from green to gold to blue. Dominant males develop large humps on their heads.

These fish are omnivores and should be fed a varied diet of meaty foods with some plant matter - appropriately-sized pellets (or flakes for small juveniles) can be supplemented with frozen and fresh foods on occassion.

绿翡翠颜色为浅灰色,两侧有一些不规则形状的黑点。 随着鱼类的成熟,它们可能会形成彩虹色,从小鱼到鱼,从绿色到金色,再到蓝色。 优势雄性的头部会形成大的驼峰。

这些鱼是杂食动物,应该喂食多种多样的含肉食物和一些植物物质 - 适当大小的颗粒(或小穗片)可以补充冷冻和新鲜食物。