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UV Light CYA 107-13W 杀菌灯

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UV Light CYA 107-13W 紫外线杀菌灯

  • German technology 德国科技
  • saving energy 60%  节能灯
  • ultra air volume 空气量
  • the germicidal lamp in the filtration system for filtering
  • water sterilization lamp
  • produced by the light rays to the bacteria in water
  • disease toxic algae cut and to ensure that the fish tank water clear and bright
  • inhibition of growth and spread of fish pathogens
  • complete specification for different requirement
  • use UVC quartz galss tube
  • high transmission of UV rays
  • the UV lamp produces strong ultraviolet rays, which has the good effective of sterilization
  • life 8000hours, Size: 230mm
  • 除藻
  • 杀菌
  • 除臭
  • 消毒