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Tetra Bits Complete

RM 88.00

  1. For all Discus and other demanding tropical fish 适合所有七彩及挑食的热带鱼
  2. For health, colour and growth 促进健康,色泽及成长

Tetra Bits Complete - Ideal for all mid-water and bottom feeding fish 中层和底层热带鱼,特别是七彩的理想饲料

 Now with unique patented BioActive formula - for a long and healthy life. The BioActive formula is a scientific blend of vitamins and essential nutrients proven to strengthen disease resistance. 享有专利的独特的BioActive配方-可以延长鱼儿寿命,保持鱼儿健康。其BioActive配方由维生素和已证实有增强抗病能力的必要营养素科学结合。

  • Contains natural pigment enhances to intensify the radiant colours of your fish 含有天然增色剂,可使鱼儿体色光艳夺目
  • With Beta Glucan, a natural immunity boosting supplement 所含 β 葡聚糖是提高免疫力的天然补品