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Spotted Orange Seam Pleco L106

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Scientific Name    Hemiancistrus guahiborum  
Common Name(s)    L106, Spotted Orange Seam Pleco
Size    125mm or 4.9" SL.
Sexing    Females reach sexual maturity as small as 44mm (average female size, 64mm); males reach sexual maturity as small as 50mm (average male size, 75mm).
Temperature    25.0-31.0°C or 77-87.8°F
Natural habitat: Rocky region of river, heterogeneous structure consisting of porous rocks interspersed with solid rocks.
Average temperature, 30.9 ± 0.3°C (maximum, 31.1°C; minimum, 30.1°C), highly oxygenated (8.2 ± 0.1 mg O2/L), and slightly acidic (pH 6.6 ± 0.1).
Feeding    Gut analysis indicates a diet consisting at least partly of bloodworms and other insect larvae/pupa.
Furniture    The natural habitat of this fish is crevices on rocky bottom.