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SOBO Air Pump SB-30B

RM 113.00

Brand: SOBO

Model: SB-30

Qmax output: 30L/min.

Pressure: 0.03mpa

Power input: 15W

Frequency: 50/60Hz

Voltage: AC 220-240V


  • This product uses ultra high frequency (UHF) vibration technology with a gas volume of 1800L/hour. The huge gas pressure and volume can be used in deep water to provide more oxygen.本产品采用超高频震动技术,气压达1800L/小时,气压气量巨大,可用于深水打氧。
  • Double reduction of noise, sound insulation design,mute.双重消音、隔音设计,静音。
  • With the aluminium alloy for its outer, the product dissipates the heat rapidly. It not only has aesthetic appearance, it is also durable and corrosion resistant.外壳为铝合金,散热快,美观,坚固耐用,抗腐蚀。
  • Automatic protection for high-temperature motor.高温电机自动保护。
  • Ultra-long 3 meters power cord with portable design. It is equipped with six-head shunt, and convenient to use.超长3米电源线,便携式手提设计,配有6头分流器,使用方便。