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Skunh Botia 黑背鼠1.5"

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The body of the Skunk Botia Loach is pinkish in coloration, and like other Botia loaches it can be identified by the four pairs of barbels protruding from the mouth area. A black stripe runs from the nose back to the tail along the back of this fish, lending to its name, Skunk Botia. The Skunk Botia Loach is sometimes referred to as a scaleless fish they do infact have small scales that are embedded in there skin.

黑背鼠的身体呈粉红色,与其他Botia一样,它可以通过从嘴部区域突出的四对喙来识别。 一条黑色的条纹沿着这条鱼的背部从鼻子后部延伸到尾巴,这就是它的名字黑背鼠。 黑背鼠有时被称为无鳞鱼,它们实际上具有嵌入在皮肤中的小鳞片。