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Silver Cichlid / Vieja Argentea 蓝色妖姬 2.5"

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Silver Cichlid (Vieja argentea)

Additional names
White Cichlid, Silver Cichlid

Additional scientific names
Cichlasoma argentea

Appears to be endemic to the River Usumacinta drainage in western Mexico.

The male has more dramatic finnage, is larger and has a nuchal hump.

Tank compatibility
An aggressive fish that can be kept in pairs and they will pair bond. Can be kept with robust similar-sized Central and South American Cichlids, but care must be taken to ensure décor and tank size allows for suitable territories and hiding places.

Primarily herbivorous and will take most cichlid pellets, algae wafers and spirulina, as well as shrimp and mussel.

Feeding regime
Feed once or twice a day.

Environment Specifics
Décor should be secure as this fish is known to "rearrange" it's environment, plants are likely to be uprooted. They must have excellent filtration as this fish is a messy eater.

A large aggressive cichlid. Can be kept in pairs, but it must be done carefully so that the male does not bully the female.

A large, pearl-coloured fish with numerous small black spots on its body and fins. There are additional large black patches on the forehead, flanks, and the base of the tail. This fish has a metallic sheen that gives it different colours depending on mood and lighting.