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Red Eye Electric Cichlid 4.5-6cm

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Scientific name: Pseudotropheus Socolofi
Species:Labidochromis Albino (possible pindani)
Common Name:Snow Whites
Marture Adult Size:5"
Origin:Lake Malawi
PH Range:7.2 -8.0
Tempreature Range:24°c - 28°c
Water Type:Hard Alkaline
Tempreature:Tropical 24 - 28
Breed Type:Mouthbrooder

Aquarium Care

Snow White Cichlids are aggressive & territorial, this makes it interesting for an Aquarist to keep them without harming other fish or them. 'Pseudotropheus Socolofi' are rock dwelling fish & can get aggressive. Its observed that aggression is suppressed in bigger tanks than smaller ones. Snow white Cichlid's dig a sand nest & guard it, they spend lot of time at the bottom & middle area of an aquarium than the surface area. 

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