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Rasbora Espei 金三角灯鱼 2~2.5cm

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This small, agile cyprinid fish only reaches about an inch (3 cm) in length. It has unique bronze color with a pink blush, which you really won’t find on any other aquarium fish. Its color can vary a bit depending on the locality it comes from, with some specimens having a more intense red. Its most distinguishing feature is a black lambchop-shaped marking on the side. Hence, it is also popularly known as the Lambchop Rasbora, along with some other descriptive common names including False Harlequin, Narrow Wedge Harlequin, and Slim Harlequin. 

这种小型,敏捷的鲤科鱼只长约1英寸(3厘米)。 它有独特的青铜色和粉红色的腮红,这是你在任何其他观赏鱼中都找不到的。 它的颜色可能会有所不同,取决于它的来源,有些标本的红色更强烈。 它最显着的特点是侧面有黑色羊羔形标记。 因此,它也被普遍称为Lambchop Rasbora,以及一些其他描述性的常见名称,包括假小丑,窄楔形小丑和修身小丑。(中文:英语翻译成中文)

*Note 备注: Due to maturity and growing up period, colors of products may appear different to those shown on the site. 由于成熟和成长期, 产品的颜色可能与网站上显示的颜色不同.

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