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Ram 荷兰凤凰

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The Blue Ram, Mikrogeophagus ramirezi, is one of the best know and most popular of all cichlids. It has a host of common names including; the Butterfly Cichlid, the Ram Cichlid, Blue Ram, German Blue Ram and Gold Ram. Although they are rarely referred to as Butterfly Cichlids any more, most of the other names are commonly used. The Gold Ram is a true-breeding color strain that has been in the hobby for many years. Although they are very different in color they are exactly the same fish and easily cross breed with Blue Rams. In 2009 a new color form was introduced to the hobby and the "Electric Blue Ram" is now found in many pet stores.

Blue Ram,Mikrogeophagus ramirezi,是最知名和最受欢迎的慈鲷之一。 它有许多共同的名字,包括; 蝴蝶丽鱼科鱼,Ram慈鲷,蓝Ram,德国蓝Ram和金Ram。 尽管它们很少被称为蝴蝶慈鲷,但大多数其他名称都是常用的。 Gold Ram是一种真正的繁殖色系,多年来一直处于业余爱好中。 虽然它们的颜色非常不同,但它们与鱼类完全相同,并且很容易与蓝色公羊交配。 在2009年,一种新的颜色形式被引入了业余爱好,“电动蓝色拉姆”现在在许多宠物商店中被发现。

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