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PERIHA PL-10001 Amphibious Pump

RM 420.00


Brand 商品                            : PERIHA

Model 型号                            : PL-10001

Qmax Output 最大流量输出 : 10000 L/H

Power Input 输入功率           : 60W

Hmax Head 最大扬程           : 5.5M

Frequency 频率                     : 50Hz/60Hz

Voltage 电压                          : AC 220-240V

 * This product is installed with the function of water shortage protection,overheat protection,overload protection,and has the function of automatic fault detection and automatic start, without pulling the plug.

 *This product is suitable for use in sea water, fresh water and copper free.

 * The high strength wear-resistant ceramic shaft and ceramic sleeve have a long life.

  • Energy Saving 节能
  • High Efficiency 高效率
  • Super Muting 超级静音