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General Notes:
Although good community fish in the right setting a little care should be taken with this species. Keep a larger than normal group of these fish of at least eight individuals this eliminates fin nipping which can occur if to few are kept. Don't put temptation in their path, don't keep black line penguin tetras with guppies, Siamese fighters, angelfish or any other fish which has long or flowing fins. When in the right setting as outlined above black line penguin tetras are great community fish. They are lively with lots of interaction among their group and they are easy to care for as well as being very hardy.

Feeding :
Wild black line penguin tetras feed on worms, insects and crustaceans. Try to reflect this in their diet by offering lots of suitably sized live or frozen food such as blood worms, glass worms, daphnia, cyclops and brine shrimps. Using a good quality flake food with these will ensure a good balanced diet.

Sexing :
Adult females have a fuller and more rounded abdomen.

一般注意事项 :

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