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Payara 7"

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Scientific name : Hydrolycus Scomberoides

Common name: Payara, Vampire Characin, Wolf Characin

Family: Cynodontidae

Origin: South America : Amazon River Basin

Maximum size: 3 ft (info fm fishbase) but never seen more than 1ft in captive*

Temperature  : 24 - 28°C

water PH : 7

Characteristics :
Full Silver fish, large eyes and with 2 fairly large “fangs”. But despite its large teeth, it is actually pretty timid and feeds only when it is dark. A fierce looking fish but is more like a sheep in wolf clothing, swim at an angle with lightning speed when catching it’s prey.

Compatibility  :
Can be kept in a community tank or with other non aggressive species but will eat small fishes, it is a good addition to larger tank set up.

Breeding  : no data

Feeding :
never seems to be able to get it off live food. So must be prepared to feed only live for the whole captivity.

Tank setup :
large tank with lots of low plants & woods. High oxygen & steady water flow will be helpful.

Personal Experience :
Very hardy and stable fish once established. They seem to do best in a group.Never a dull moment seeing them hunting down their preys.