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Paradise Gourami 中国斗鱼/巨普/青兔鱼 5cm

RM 3.50
Paradise Gourami 中国斗鱼/巨普/青兔鱼 5cm Ratings: 0 - 0 votes
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 Paradise Gourami 青兔鱼/天堂鱼

Paradise fish are a highly colorful species of freshwater fish belonging to the gourami family. They were the first species of tropical fish to be imported to Europe nearly 150 years ago. Paradise fish have thin, rectangular bodies and are characterized by their long flowing fins. Like gouramis, they too have two thread-like pelvic fins and adult paradise fish tend to grow to around 4 inches in length. Their beauty and extremely hardy nature have made them a popular choice among aquarists for decades. 

Paradise fishes too are avid jumpers and care should be taken to adequately cover the top of the paradise fish aquarium.

Suitable Tank Mates: Blue Gouramis, Gold Gouramis, Opaline Gouramis, Danios, Clown Loaches, Red Tail Sharks, Bala Sharks

青兔鱼是一种高度多彩的淡水鱼类,属于吻口鱼科。 它们是近150年前第一批进口到欧洲的热带鱼。 青兔鱼/天堂鱼有薄而矩形的身体,其特点是长流鳍。 像gouramis一样,它们也有两个类似线状的骨盆鳍,而成年青兔鱼的长度往往会增长到4英寸左右。 几十年来,它们的美丽和极强的性质使它们成为鱼友们的热门选择。


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