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OK Japan Hand Pump Cleaner 虹吸管

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Features :

  • Innovative Auto Siphon Pump
  • Quick & Easy
  • On/Off flow control valve
  • Integrated gravel / fish strainer

Convenient 3 point set included: Sand cleaner nozzle, 3 step flow regulator, kiss rubber.

Cleaning in the sand, replacing the water OK.

By attaching the sand cleaner nozzle, you can remove the leftovers of fish and dust that has entered the sand, and you can also clean gravel and others. Furthermore, by sliding it according to the size of the bottom sand grain to either of the left and right groove (middle / small) of the drainage regulator, you can discharge dust in the sand comfortably.

When the nozzle clogs during drainage and sand cleaning, you can hold down the water adjustment part with your fingers, stop the drainage, and fix the nozzle clogging.

With kiss rubber, you can operate with one hand when draining.

How to use
1. Put the water inlet in the aquarium, attach the kiss rubber to the inner glass surface of the aquarium, push the pump part 5 ~ 7 times strongly, water flows automatically, you can drain with one hand.
2. Please adjust the flow rate by adjusting the flow rate by sliding the tube of the flow regulator according to the size of the grains of sand (flow rate - small) or (flow - in). Nozzle clogging is eliminated.
3. When the nozzle is clogged with water plants, pebbles, sand etc., hold the flow control part (straight part) with your fingers, stop the amount of water, drop it from the nozzle and use again.