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OF Vultron Air Pump 火山静音气泵

RM 25.00

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Branch : Ocean Free

Voltage : 240-260v/50Hz

Watt : 3W

Output : 160L/h

🔸High Quality QC 高质量的品质控制
🔸Imported Product 进口产品
🔸Specialize in Aquarium 水族馆专用 

The Vultron series high effciency air pump provides optimum aeration to your aquarium and pond, effectively increasing dissolved oxygen level, keeping your fish healthy and lively.

*Compact design with single outlets.
*Body design for better sound insulation.
*Rubber base helps to reduce vibration.
*Increase dissolved oxygen(DO) levels in your aquarium.
*High Propulsion for WaterUp To 0.7m Deep.
*Adjustable electronic dial to control air output.
*High energy efficiency