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Ocean Free XO Spirulina & Wheat Germ 1kg

RM 22.10

  • enriched in spirulina, carotene and krill
  • superior high protein fish food
  • providing a complete and balanced fish food
  • promoting better swift growth, shape and health enhancement
  • never clouds water and floating type
  • feed 2-4 times daily according to water temperature and current health condition of fishes
  • DO NOT surpass the amount the fish will feed on within 5-10minutes.
  • remove any extra uneaten food from tank after 1 hour
  • contains spirulina, krill, shrimp meal, carotene, wheat germ meal, white fish meal, soyabean meal, dried sour whey, dehydrated alfalfa, brewers, dried yeast, minerals, vitamins A, B complex, C and E.