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OCEAN FREE Premium Decap Artemia Eggs 20g

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OF* Decap Artemia Eggs are from non-polluting environment and are not hatched during the dormant period. These eggs are treated carefully with high technology during the process of decap , leaving a thin layer to surround the bright orange embryos , retaining the original high protein and others various of amino acids that can be absorb by newly hatched fish and shrimp . It's a rare feed that are hard to come by , a perfect feed for fry / juvenile fish and shrimps

Feature of OF* Decap Artemina Eggs:

1.Easy to transport and store. Store at normal cool room temperature.
2.Using high technology to decap , ensure nutrition is perfectly preserved , safe and reliable to use.
3.The Decap Artemia Eggs is produce by OF* which contain various of nutritional value that are better compare to hatched juvenille shrimp as it saves the energy consumed by the larvae
4.The protein m amino acids and various important enzymes of the Decap Artemia Eggs by OF* are preserved intact and its nutrition meets the needs for the growth of fry/juvenile fish and shrimp.
5.Suitable for fresh / marine fish and shrimp

Feeding method:

Daily feeding :4-6 times , adjust accordingly to needs , set a benchmark between 3 -5 minutes for the food to be completely consumed , to avoid polluting the water quality .

Storage :

Cold and Dry place*

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