Ocean Free Anti-Cloudy Eye (10 Capsules)

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Brand: Ocean Free

OF AROWANA ANTI-CLOUDY EYE CAPSULES is specially formulated to treat Cloudy Eyes, a cloudy white film or grey 'haze' that forms over the Arowana's eye(s) causing the affected eye to appear opaque or slightly opaque. Cloudy Eyes in severe cases will even show as fungal growth on the surface of the eyes. Treatment must be carried out as it may lead to secondary infection and cause blindness if not treated early. Behavioral signs in the Arowana include signs commonly associated with a loss of vision, anorexia (loss of appetite, lethargy and agitation, fish will attempt to rub against rough surface to decrease the irritation.

For Arowana and also suitable for large size fish. 

1 capsule treats 50 liters of water
Treat Fish on 3 day interval until the symptoms subside. 

* Formulated for Arowana and Stingrays. Also for other large size fish.

Please remove all absorptive media like activated carbon and zeolite, etc. from the filtration system as these will affect the medication's effectiveness.

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