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Neon Blue Crayfish

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Scientific Name: Procambarus alleni
Other Names: Blue crayfish, Blue Florida Crayfish, Electric Blue Crayfish, Everglades Crayfish
Adult Size:10-15 cm
Social:Poor. Highly territorial and aggressive.
Lifespan:20 years
Tank Level: bottom
Minimum Tank Size:20 gallons and bigger
Diet: omnivore (scavenger)
Ideal pH: 7
Temperature: 10-22 C (55 - 70F)
Tank setup: Allow for gravel or sand substrate. Some caves will be welcomed. Plants are highly recommended.
Sexing:The male blue lobster's claws are generally larger and more elongated and if you turn him upside down he has two claspers near his vent that look like hockey sticks. The females blue lobster claws are shorter and more rounded and she lacks the claspers.