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Mono Sebae 蝙蝠鲳 2"

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Mono Sebae L

Species / Type: Community [Aggressive] 

Care Difficulty: Hard 

Tank Size: 80 g (303 L) 

Region: Africa - Other 

Tank Environment: Non-Specific 

Food: [Omnivorous] Flake, Frozen and Freeze-dried (appreciates live brine, especially as growing, often will not eat flake, very picky eater! High metabolism, cannot miss meals) 

Temp: 72-78°f (22-26°c) 

Breeding: Extremely Difficult 

PH: 7.7-9.0

Care Information: 
Though it is often reported that adults require salt water, this is not the case. They can be breed and kept in entirely freshwater after they are larger than 1" long. 

Breeding Information: 
Breeding is considered somewhat difficult with raising the fry being considered almost impossible.

General Information: 
One of the odder looking fish in the hobby, the mono is usually marked as a brackish fish. They live in the ocean and travel up rivers, making them adept to fresh, brackish and saltwater.  

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