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Livingstonii Cichlid 白兵 2"

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A laterally compressed fish with a large mouth. Maximum reported length of male fish in the wild is 25 centimetres (9.8 in) TL while females reach 20 centimetres (7.9 in) TL. Colouration variable but typically mottled brown and white. The dorsal fin may also show blue coloration while maintaining an orange to red band and sometimes a white line. Adult males frequently "color up" in response to changing conditions and rapidly change from spotted camouflage to brilliant blues and greens and may even exhibit a pale golden tone. Breeding males turn a dark blue which almost completely obscures their blotched pattern. The anal fin is usually orange to red. Females are similar, but usually lack the yellow "egg spot" markings on the anal fin. Juveniles display a brown and white spotted pattern.

The distinctive colouration of this species is said to mimic that of a dead fish, and may be part of a hunting strategy.

横向压缩的鱼,嘴巴很大。 野生雄鱼的最大报告长度为25厘米(9.8英寸)TL,而雌性达到20厘米(7.9英寸)TL。 着色变量但通常斑驳的棕色和白色。 背鳍也可显示蓝色,同时保持橙色至红色带,有时为白色线。 成熟雄性经常“变色”以响应不断变化的条件,并迅速从斑点伪装变为鲜艳的蓝色和绿色,甚至可能呈现浅金色调。 繁殖雄性变成深蓝色,几乎完全遮盖了它们的斑点图案。 臀鳍通常是橙色到红色。 䧳性相似,但通常缺乏臀鳍上的黄色“蛋点”标记。 少年呈棕色和白色斑点图案。


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