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Lemon Fin Barb / Lampang 柠檬鳍南邦 4"

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Lemon Fin Barb / Lampang 柠檬鳍南邦 4" Ratings: 0 - 0 votes
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  • Scientific name: Hypsibarbus Wetmorei
  • Common name: Lemon Fin Barb
  • Max. size: 20-25 cm (7.9 - 9.8 inches)            
  • pH range:  7.0 - 7.2 
  • dH range: 10-15 °d (Water Hardness)
  • Temperature range:  22 – 25°C


Almost anything. Will accept dry, frozen and live foods, and will also appreciate some vegetable matter in the diet. Will occasionally eat plants in the aquarium. 几乎所有东西。 将接受干燥,冷冻和活的食物,并且还会欣赏饮食中的一些植物性物质。 偶尔会在水族馆里吃植物。


There are many similar fish, but these fish aren't common in the aquarium trade. Can be distinguished from the Tinfoil Barb by the orange/yellow fins in the Lemon-Fin, and the Red fins in Tinfoils. 有许多类似的鱼,但这些鱼在水族贸易中并不常见。 可以通过柠檬鳍中的橙色/黄色鳍与锡箔中的红色鳍区别于锡箔倒钩。

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