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L190 Royal Pleco 皇族琵琶鼠 2.5"

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The Royal Plecostomus “Royal Pleco” is a very popular large species of Pleco that has been a hobbyist favorite for a long time due to its unique striped pattern and attractive coloration. The Royal Pleco also exhibits an interesting body type that features a bulky “top heavy” appearance. While they appear stubby due to their large bulky looks, they actually attain sizes upwards of 16″ within the aquarium environment.

Royal Plecostomus“Royal Pleco”是一种非常受欢迎的大型Pleco品种,由于其独特的条纹图案和迷人的色彩,长期以来一直是业余爱好者的最爱。 Royal Pleco还展示了一种有趣的体型,具有笨重的“顶部重型”外观。 虽然它们看起来粗糙,但由于它们看起来很大,但实际上它们在水族箱环境中的尺寸达到了16英寸以上。

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