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L144 Albino Snow Bristlenose Pleco 红眼雪花胡子琵琶

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Red Eyes

The Albino Snow Bristlenose Pleco is a very peaceful and hardy addition to almost any aquarium.  
At a maximum size of 4-5 inches, this is a very practical and manageable fish.
This fish will not bother most plants, but it will likely help with algae control, especially as a juvenile. It will also scavenge and consume most uneaten fish food.
Unique appearance as well as plenty of personality.

最大尺寸为4-5英寸, 这是一种非常实用且易于管理的鱼.
这种鱼不会打扰植物, 但它有助于消除藻类. 它还会清除和消耗大多数未吃过的鱼类食物。
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